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Lifestyle Management

Right Paradigm

How to live in positive thinking.

Right Awakening

How to conquer anger and live a quarrel free life.

Right Action

How to live a proactive life.

Right Living

How to live in harmony with family members and surroundings.

Right Speech

How to have non-violent conversation.

Right commitment

How to live a committed and purposeful life.

Right Acceptance

How to live a stress free life.

Living a meditative life

Meditation gives us joy, peace and bliss. There will be 10 meditation sessions in this workshop.

Financial Management

How to invest in most beneficial ways.

Karma Yoga-The Yoga of Action

How to live happily without bothering for fulfillment of our mundane desires.

Hath Yoga- The Yoga of Breathing Awareness

: How to keep ourselves healthy using various yoga techniques.

Bhakti Yoga – The Yoga of Devotion

How to live in devotion to Divine.

Gyan Yoga-The Path of Wisdom

How to live a life free from desires, anger, greed, attachment, jealousy and hostility. 

Sahaj Yoga

The Path of Divine Awareness : We discover Godliness in form of Divine Sound and learn how to live in bliss through divine remembrance.

Fee and Conduct

Program starts at 7.30 AM and continues up to 8 PM every day. Participants are required to report a day before commencement of the program latest by 8 PM. The program concludes on the third day at 2:00 PM. Program fee including boarding, lodging (twin sharing AC accommodation) and program material is Rs 10,000/- per participant which is to be paid in form of Bank Draft or Cheque drawn in favor of ‘Bhartiya Yoga Avam Prabandhan Sansthan’ payable at Sonepat (Haryana).