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Positive Life Management


1. Thrill of Morning Walk: Everyday participants will be taken on a long morning walk during which they will enjoy freshness of morning,bloom of rising sun,sitting around a water body and feeling the blue splendor of the sky.


2. Thrill of Nature: Everyday one session is devoted to live in close proximity to the nature feeling thrill of trees,plants,greenery,flowers,birds and butterflies available in the Ashram itself.


3. Thrill of Water: In this session participants will enjoy the thrill of bathing in rains in Water Park specially constructed for this purpose.


4. Thrill of sitting with the Master: One can hardly imagine the thrill of sitting in the lotus feet of an enlightened Master and answering our questions.The participants will have this rare experience in this session.


5. Thrill of Singing: Very few people know that singing alone or in groups takes a great leap forward towards positive living.Participants will experience the thrill of singing and dancing daily in one of the sessions.


6. Thrill of Yoga: Yoga assigns dislocation of naval center as the key factor of ill health and depression.In morning sessions every participant will go through naval check and if dislocated,it will be set right by our yoga experts.The participants will also experience thrill of Asanas and Pranayams.


7. Thrill of Meditation: Meditation is the only way to connect with the true self which is a perennial source of positive living.The participants will enjoy the thrill of Meditation only.


8. Thrill of watching Moon and Stars: Watching moon and stars gives plenty of joy in our life.The participants will enjoy this along with fire dance every evening.


Fee and Conduct

Program starts at 7.30 AM and continues up to 8 PM every day. Participants are required to report a day before commencement of the program latest by 8 PM. The program concludes on the third day at 2:00 PM. Program fee including boarding, lodging (twin sharing AC accommodation) and program material is Rs 10,000/- per participant which is to be paid in form of Bank Draft or Cheque drawn in favor of ‘Bhartiya Yoga Avam Prabandhan Sansthan’ payable at Sonepat (Haryana).